How did Winner Winner come to be?

Company founder, Mark Harwood, is a well known entrepreneur who has had many successful businesses in his time. He currently runs commercial surplus traders which is a surplus stock and business clearance specialist in not-so sunny Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

One day when he came to work he discovered a VW Campervan parked in the doorway he hadn’t seen before. Turns out it was a lad who worked at the place next door, he had won it on a popular comp site, the first Mark had heard of them. A few weeks later the same guy won a brand new motorbike, which immediately got Mark’s attention.

After months of extensive research it was decided now is the time to start a competition site that is different to the others. Everyone says they have the best or the number one, well we strive to be the most relatable!

Imagine ya best mate has a comp site? Well that’s us! When we do our draws you will feel like a million dollars even if you lose. If you don’t laugh, cry, jump for joy or smash the TV up, then we ain’t done our job!

Who's behind it all?


winner winner

Mark H (The Big Boss Man)

Mark has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, is currently gold medal winner in the men’s 5000m dash, enjoys long country walks, driving his Ferrari Enzo and… making up total lies on his About Me page on this website.

Scott S (Aka Scotty Too Hotty)

Scott has been Mark’s wingman for the past few years in business, he’s been there through the good times and the bad (don’t ask him about when he got pepper sprayed) and is a valuable member of the team. His actual job title is “driver, promoter, delivery guy, collection man, idea bouncer, tea boy, dinner lady, packaging manager, workshop manager, accounts department supervisor, wall destroyer and rodeo bull tester” but it’s not limited to just those roles.

On his time off Scott likes to ring Mark and plan the working week ahead, as well as send him links to stuff he’s found on the interweb that he knows only Mark is daft enough to buy.

...and who's behind them?

Patrick J (Aka Patrice)

No words to describe this absolute legend of a man. He’s more of a lost soul we have taken under our wing, looks like a shoplifting bank robber that’s just been released but genuinely one of the nicest most honest men to walk the planet. Can’t drive for shit though.

Brett D (Aka Brettski)

The Living Legend, the one the only, TV show, burger van, artist and engine whisperer to the stars – Brettski is a superb man to have in your corner. If you’ve got something that won’t run, he will have it singing like a canary in five mins. If not he will paint it for you and turn that broken piece of crap into a work of art!, still not happy? He will cook you the burger of your Dreams! What a Ledge.

Jodie (Aka Wonder Woman)

So, I think it is only fair to introduce the Bosses wife. Imagine Mother Teresa in a supermodel’s body with the brain power of Albert Einstein, that’s how freaking awesome she is! Any ladies items – watches, bags, clothing, weekends away etc will be hand picked by Jodie. Jodie Is always heavily involved in any charity work we get involved in too and is the first to help another human in need. Without her support Mark would not be the man he is today and likewise this page would not have come to fruition.